Meet Kristal

Coach Kristal is a 22 year old female born and raised in Louisiana. At a young age she acquired a love for the game of basketball by playing for fun with her family. She spent a total of 10 years studying and playing organize basketball. After graduating from Oberlin High School in 2011 her love and passion for the game lead Kristal to Winston-Salem, NC were she attended Salem College. There she played four more years of basketball and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in the field of Exercise Science. During her four years at Salem, Kristal studied under several inspiring individuals that helped fuel her passion for fitness. Three of the highlights of Kristal’s undergraduate career are completing an internship under Mark Wright, former Head Sports Performance Coach at Athletic Republic of Winston Salem, studying and developing research studies under Dr. Karen Avery Hixson, Salem College Department Advisor, and joining the TFW familia! Kristal says “The TFW family has really impacted my life in a positive way. It’s a honor to come to work where you love what you do and everyone who is a part of the TFW FAMILIA truly makes that possible!” Coach Kristal plans to continue to studying the game of basketball and pursue a doctorate in the field of Physical Therapy in the near future.